How To Check The Health Of Your Roof In 10 Minutes Or Less

Weekends are meant o be fun. We work hard all week and just want to relax when Friday afternoon rolls around. Unfortunately, we are often forced to 'adult' on the weekend. Instead of letting responsibilities get in the way, there needs to be a faster way of doing all the things we need to do as adults. Luckily, checking on the health of your roof can be done in 10 minutes or less.

What To Do When A Wrecking Ball Wrecks Auto Glass By Accident

Wrecking balls are great on a construction or demolition site. They get the job done quickly and effectively. However, when a wrecking ball swings too far in one direction and accidentally pulverizes the glass in your (or someone else's) car, what do you do? Yes, it was an accident, but it is still no less a horrifying mess. From beginning to end, here is what you need to do next. 

Digging A Well Gets You The Water You Need

Getting water when you live out of town isn't necessarily as easy as turning on a faucet and having the water come pouring out. If you live outside the area where the municipality's water service, you can either haul water out to where you live and store it in tanks or you can have a well dug. Having a well dug is going to be the easiest choice for you and isn't going to make you spend a lot of time hauling water and trying to make sure that you have enough to use.

Clogs And Your Septic Tank: What You Need To Know

When it comes to septic tank malfunctions, few scenarios are quite as annoying as a clog in the drain line. A clog can create drainage issues that make everyday functions like taking a shower a hassle. Replacing the filter to your tank outlet system can help you avoid a clog in the drain field and the inconveniences that come along with it. Here is some of the important information you need to know to stay on top of the issue.

Cleaning And Decluttering Tips For Your Bathroom

If you live in an apartment and share a small bathroom with your spouse and children, you may find that maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom is a challenge and that you are often greeted with a heap of dirty clothing, damp towels, and an assortment of beauty and hygiene products haphazardly stored across the vanity. Use the tips below to restore your bathroom back into one that is pristine and hygienic.

3 Reasons To Install A Frameless Shower Door

The bathroom is one of the most utilized spaces in a home. So, when it's time to make an upgrade to the house, the bathroom is one of the first spaces you should consider. If you're looking to improve the look of your bathroom and even add some extra functionality, a frameless shower door is a great addition to make. Learn some of the reasons why this installation is excellent.

3 Reasons Post Tension May Be Used In Your Decorative Concrete

For a long time, the primary way of reinforcing concrete slabs or structures was through the use of rebar for extra rigidity and structure, but these days, concrete is used in far many more ways than it used to be. Therefore, new ways of providing structure and support are a necessity. Post-tensioning involves running steel cables through drilled holes in the concrete and tightening these cables to the desired tension. The process sounds complicated, but it is actually fairly simple, and it provides much more stability in certain concrete structure types.

How to Keep Yourself from Falling Off Your Roof While Checking the Shingles

Checking the shingles on your roof on a regular basis helps you keep track and keep ahead of major roof repairs. However, it is not always the safest thing to do, since the pitch and slope of many roofs are not very easy to walk on or climb. In order to remain safe while performing this necessary home maintenance task, here are a few suggestions that can help. Install Roof Anchors

Patio Awnings And Coverings: Four Options To Complete Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

Patio awnings can provide much-needed shade in the summer while also adding to the beauty of your home. If you are considering the addition of a residential awning to your patio, here are some attractive options to consider. Retractable Sunshade Awnings If you want to provide shade when entertaining guests but don't want your awning to extend over the patio all the time, a retractable sunshade awning may be the right option for you.