4 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Garage Door

Your garage door may seem like a big piece of equipment, and it is, however, that doesn't mean caring for it has to be complicated. There are lots of little things you can do to take care of your garage door and keep it in great shape.

#1 Take Care of the Surface

Start by taking care of the actual door. If you have a wood door, you need to keep an eye on the paint. If you notice the paint is chipped or peeling, you need to repaint your garage door. You don't want the door to become warped or the wood to rot.

If you have a metal-based door, you need to be on the lookout for rust. If you spot rust on your garage door, sand it away right away, and then repaint and seal your garage door.  

#2 Wash Your Garage Door

Next, try to keep your garage door clean. When you clean your car, wash off your garage door as well. You can use the same mild soap you use to wash your car. Keeping your garage door clean and free of junk will help it operate better.

#3 Keep the Tracks Clean

You are going to want to keep the track clear that your garage door runs on as it opens and closes. Make sure that everyone in your household knows that you are going to clean the tracks. Just use a damp cloth to remove any debris that has gotten into the track.

As you clean the tracks, check and make sure that they are level. If the tracks are not level, you will want to call in a garage door maintenance person to level out and fix the tracks for you.

#4 Test the Safety Features

You don't want to realize the safety mechanisms on the garage door are not working when you need them. Check your garage door safety mechanisms every few months to make sure they are working.

Make sure that everyone else is inside. While standing inside the garage, check the photoelectric system by passing a long stick, or something of similar size, past the photoelectric eye-beams while you are closing the garage door. If the photoelectric system is working correctly the door will reverse and go back up.

Check the mechanical safety feature. To do this, place a large object, such as a brick, in the path of the door. When your door hits this object, the door should stop and go back up.

If either of these safety features is not working correctly, call in a professional to fix these safety features as soon as possible.

Take care of your garage door by keeping the door itself in good condition. Keep the tracks clean and test out the safety features. If the safety features don't work, or if your track is damaged, call in a garage door maintenance professional for extra assistance.