How To Check The Health Of Your Roof In 10 Minutes Or Less

Weekends are meant o be fun. We work hard all week and just want to relax when Friday afternoon rolls around. Unfortunately, we are often forced to 'adult' on the weekend. Instead of letting responsibilities get in the way, there needs to be a faster way of doing all the things we need to do as adults. Luckily, checking on the health of your roof can be done in 10 minutes or less. Hello – me time!

Look at the Roofline (1 minute)

Stand below your roof and look up at the roofline. Everything should be flat. There shouldn't be any bumps, any curling, or waviness. When shingles are first installed, they stay flat. After years of beaten down by rain, ice, snow, UV rays, and strong winds, they start to show signs of age. The easiest way to observe this is by checking to see if the corners of your shingles are curling up along the roofline. Curling is when it starts. Over time, the edges will curl so severely that they will break off, which is when you need to call in a roofing crew.

Walk Around Your Home (2 minutes)

Walk around the perimeter of your home. You are looking for any broken pieces of shingles. Look in the bushes and flower beds. Don't look at the lawn. You probably need to mow it and that would just be more work on your To Do list. 

Climb Up (5 minutes, assuming you have a ladder nearby)

Grab a ladder and climb up onto your roof. Check to see if your gutters are clean. Clean gutters are important to your roof's overall health. You are also looking for any missing shingles, removing large branches (and Frisbees), and walking on your roof to feel for soft spots. If your roof does not feel solid under your feet, you may have a problem with water damage to the plywood underlayment, which will warrant a call to a roofing professional in your area. 

Check the Attic (2 minutes)

Head inside and up the your attic. Here you need to look for  any telltale signs of previous water damage, which would include any dark stains on any of the wood. You are also looking for signs of current water damage. Feel the insulation. If it is damp, you may have an issue with the shingles no longer doing their job and allowing water to enter your attic.  

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