What To Do When A Wrecking Ball Wrecks Auto Glass By Accident

Wrecking balls are great on a construction or demolition site. They get the job done quickly and effectively. However, when a wrecking ball swings too far in one direction and accidentally pulverizes the glass in your (or someone else's) car, what do you do? Yes, it was an accident, but it is still no less a horrifying mess. From beginning to end, here is what you need to do next. 

Take Pictures Before You Remove the Wrecking Ball

The police and the insurance company may be hard-pressed to believe you if you just remove the crane and wrecking ball from the scene before anyone has a chance to see what happened. Take lots of pictures, and then call the police. You will need the police report on this incident in order to file a claim, regardless of whether you are the owner of the vehicle or the owner of the construction company. Once the police have seen the damage, remove the wrecking ball and crane to a safer location.

File an Insurance Claim

File an insurance claim with both the business insurance company and your (or the car owner's) auto insurance company. Provide the police report and pictures if requested. You cannot begin any auto glass repair or auto body repair without filing a claim first. Once the claim has been approved, you can take the vehicle in to have the glass replaced and other damages repaired. If the vehicle belongs to an employee or a passer-by, they will have to take their vehicles in themselves once their claims are paid.

Auto Glass Repair Steps

At the repair stage, the auto glass shop can only repair and replace the glass if the frames that the hold the glass are undamaged. For example, your front windshield can only be replaced successfully if the frame of the car that holds the windshield was not damaged or crushed in the process. If the frame is damaged, then an auto body shop has to fix that before the glass shop can install new glass.

If the frame is fine, then the glass shop can go ahead and install new windshields and door glass. This usually takes only about an hour or two, depending on the extent of damage done by the wrecking ball. Then the vehicle is good as new again. The check that the insurance company gave you or the owner of the vehicle will pay for most of the repairs.  

For more information, contact your local auto glass repair service today.