Digging A Well Gets You The Water You Need

Getting water when you live out of town isn't necessarily as easy as turning on a faucet and having the water come pouring out. If you live outside the area where the municipality's water service, you can either haul water out to where you live and store it in tanks or you can have a well dug. Having a well dug is going to be the easiest choice for you and isn't going to make you spend a lot of time hauling water and trying to make sure that you have enough to use. But digging out a well can also take some time and some skill to make sure that the well is going to last for a while. There are a lot of things that go into it. 

Finding the Water

The first thing that has to happen is that the well digging company is going to have to find the water so that they can dig it up. There are a lot of ways that they can do that. One is that they can look at geological maps of the area. There are geological features which are more likely to have water than others and areas which will be closer to the water table than others. There are also various kinds of scans, using things like radar and sonar, which can be run to try and find water. You could even find a dowser, if you wanted; this is someone who uses rods to find water. 

Digging the Well

Once the well contractors have found the water, it's time for them to start digging the well. They will bring in a truck that has a large auger on it. That auger looks like a screw, but it is actually a drill. The contractors will start the well, and as the auger gets deeper, they will be able to add more pipes to it so that it can be long enough to reach down to where the water is. The company will make sure that they dig down further than the highest point where water is found. That's because they are going to want to place the well pump down into the water so that it can pump the water out of the well, but also so that your well won't run dry during dry seasons. 

If you are outside of the municipal water system, you need to make sure that you have the water you need. A well is one way to do that. Visit a site like http://valleydrillingcorp.com for more information and direction for your well and pump.