Cleaning And Decluttering Tips For Your Bathroom

If you live in an apartment and share a small bathroom with your spouse and children, you may find that maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom is a challenge and that you are often greeted with a heap of dirty clothing, damp towels, and an assortment of beauty and hygiene products haphazardly stored across the vanity. Use the tips below to restore your bathroom back into one that is pristine and hygienic.

Eliminate Moisture And Maintain Nonporous Surfaces

Moisture often contributes to mold growth, which can cause unsightly black streaks to form in crevices or mold spores to accumulate on damp fabric surfaces. If you and your family members are not already utilizing a hamper, now is the time to purchase one and stress the importance of placing dirty clothing and wet towels inside of it.

Replace your vinyl shower curtain with a fabric one that has a liner installed behind it. Launder the fabric curtain regularly to eliminate germs and the possibility of mold growth. Toss out the liner and purchase a new one every few weeks.

Spray a mold blocking agent across tiles that are on the bathroom's walls or floors.  Use a disinfectant and sponge to wipe down walls and floors each week. Open a window or turn on a fan after bathing or showering to assist with drying damp surfaces. If you need professional mold removal help, contact a company like Colfax Corporation. 

Declutter The Vanity And Use A Shelving Unit Or Storage Bin

Inspect the beauty and hygiene products that you currently own and toss out items that are old or that haven't been used in quite some time. If you are someone who usually purchases items in bulk when they are on sale, try to curb this behavior and only buy items that are truly needed.

Use a corner shelving unit or waterproof bin to store products that are not currently being used. Use a nonabrasive disinfectant and soft cloth to sanitize the bathroom vanity's exterior. Place some simple decor items on the vanity, including a candle holder and candle or basket that is filled with a freshly-scented potpourri blend. 

Create A Cleaning Schedule

As long as your children are old enough to handle household chores, they and your spouse can chip in when it comes to keeping the bathroom maintained. Prepare a cleaning schedule that includes basic cleaning steps, such as mopping, wiping off counters, and mirrors, and treating surface stains on tiles.

By including everyone in the cleaning process, you won't feel as if you are always stuck with the short end of the stick and your spouse and children will be more likely to minimize making messes in the bathroom so that it stays clean for longer.