How to Keep Yourself from Falling Off Your Roof While Checking the Shingles

Checking the shingles on your roof on a regular basis helps you keep track and keep ahead of major roof repairs. However, it is not always the safest thing to do, since the pitch and slope of many roofs are not very easy to walk on or climb. In order to remain safe while performing this necessary home maintenance task, here are a few suggestions that can help.

Install Roof Anchors

Roof anchors are not exactly pretty, but they do protect anyone and everyone who goes up on your roof to check the condition of the shingles and the overall condition of the roof. The anchors themselves are not that heavy, but when secured to some of the main beams under the roof, they can withstand the weight of an average adult male sliding off the roof toward the ground. As long as you or a roofing contractor has the correct harness and lines, you can slide off but never hit the ground. It might be worth the minor investment, if you want to continue year after year of checking your roof on your own.

Hire a Contractor to Do the Job

Why do the task if you can hire someone else to do it quicker, right? It is not so much a matter of being lazy as it is a matter of smart thinking. Roofing contractors from companies like Liberty Exteriors LLC do this task all the time. They have the experience to walk carefully across a roof and manage just fine, regardless of how awkward the shape of your roof is. Plus, they are fully insured against mishaps and falls, which means that you remain safe, and they pay for their own accidents.

Raise the Roof

No, literally, raise your roof. Hire a contractor to reshape the roof and elevate it to the point where it is safer to walk on it. If you find that you have to replace your roof again soon anyway, why not invest a little extra to reshape and raise it? It makes the roof safer, and gives your home a little more room underneath. If you have sloped walls upstairs, you can also enjoy the benefit of having higher straight walls instead of sloped ones.

Swap Your Roofing Shingles for a Metal Roof

Of course, there is always the option of getting rid of shingles for a metal roof. This is definitely not your least expensive option, but it does remove the annual roof check from your to-do list. Talk to your roofing contractor to find out more.