Three Do-It-Yourself Jobs A Homeowner Should Call A Plumber To Do

Do-it-yourself jobs are something that many homeowners relish, and there are many plumbing fixes that you can do yourself; however, there are a few times when it is best to call a plumber right away. The following are three of them.

Connecting a gas line to your outdoor gas grill

Natural gas has many advantages over propane, but it does cost money for the installation of a gas line. It may be tempting to save money, and do this yourself, but this is a mistake. Assuming you don't need a permit for the job, it is easy to have a leak at the point where you tapped into your home's gas line. Also, installing a shutoff valve improperly will be a safety hazard. And if your amateur work leads to property damage, your insurance company may reject your claim because the work was not done by a licensed professional.

Problems with your water heater

Any problem with your water heater is simply too dangerous to attempt fixing yourself. If you are having a problem with a leak, do not hesitate to call a plumber. In most circumstances, a leak will mean a new water heater, but there are leaks that can be fixed. However, you need to know exactly what you are doing. They sometimes involve soldering, and you need to understand the finer points of soldering before attempting this. A bad solder joint can create a dangerous repair. Naturally, the main danger from a water heater is going to be the hot water, and often a homeowner doesn't realize how serious the burns from this hot water can be.

New plumbing construction

Often new construction will require a permit. This includes such things as installing an electric water heater. This is due to the ventilation requirements. But in some jurisdictions, you may need a permit to replace an old gas heater. Also, any time you are adding piping in your home, you will need a permit. You may be tempted to bypass the permit process if you are routing existing piping in your home, such as for a sink in a new location, but it is best to call a plumber. Plumbers can get the necessary permits quickly, and they know what they are doing for any new construction or installation.

The three things listed above are not the only reasons to call a plumber, like one from Adams Plumbing & Heating Company. In any situation that you find yourself in where you realize you are in over your head, stop the work and call a plumber immediately.