How To Add Insulation To Your Windows

Homeowners who are sick of continual continuously rising utility bills, are constantly looking for ways to save some money. Insulating your homes is a smart investment because it will help reduce your utility bills in the long term.  When it comes to insulation, the windows are often the most vulnerable part. This article explains how you can add extra insulation to your window frames.

Filling the Window Cavity With Insulation

Most people don't realize that the windows are actually separate components that are added to the housing frame. Basically, the window fixture has its own frame that sits in the pre-cut window opening. Usually, this gap is covered with molding. This means that there is a cavity behind your window molding and between the frame and the stud. You can remove the molding and fill in this cavity with spray foam insulation to drastically reduce heat loss.

Removing the Molding

The first step in this process is removing your molding. You obviously want to remove the molding without damaging it, or the walls. This is the most easily done using a utility knife, flat head screwdriver, and hammer. First cut through the caulk between the molding and the wall. Then, hammer the screwdriver behind the molding so you can pry it away from the wall.

Using Spray Foam Insulation

At this point, you will notice the cavity that you are going to fill in. Easy-to-use spray foam cans are available at most home improvement stores. These are the most convenient for small jobs like this. Using the attached hose, you can spray the foam deep into the cavity without creating a big mess. The foam will expand a little bit as it dries, so it might end up protrude past the wall. But, this isn't a big problem because you can scrape the excess away using a putty knife.

You will obviously need a pneumatic nail gun and finish nails to reattach the molding. You will also want to finish the job off by applying a fresh line of caulk to the edges. You can use the caulk to fill the small nail holes. It might be necessary to repaint your molding at this point just to cover up any scratches. Some homeowners even take this opportunity to completely change the style of their windows by installing new molding pieces.

No matter how you finish the job, molding within your window frames will help reduce heat loss in your home. For more information, contact companies like Alaska Quality Insulators Inc.