Protect Your Property With Modern Technology - Benefits Of EIFS Coatings

If you own a historic piece of property and you're concerned about preserving it for years to come, an exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) can be an excellent way to provide the security you desire. By getting an EIFS coating that attaches firmly to the exterior of your building and forms a solid protective layer, you can be sure that further degradation will be limited and your structural integrity will be preserved.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the major benefits of installing EIFS coatings. Keeping these positives in mind should give you the confidence you need to pursue this important change, and should help guarantee that you own and operate your building responsibly for many years to come.

Design Upgrades

The interior of a historic building may have a great deal of aesthetic appeal, but the exterior may not be as attractive. Rather than settling for what already exists, consider the possibilities of making a change that can balance preservation with modernity.

EIFS coatings come in a wide variety of finishing textures that will provide you with the freedom to pick the outside image you desire. This can allow you to enhance the curb appeal of your property without committing to an intense rehab project that may be far more costly and take an extended amount of time.

Fire Suppression

Making the financial and emotional commitment that comes with historic building ownership only to see it go up in smoke can be frustrating, tragic, and everything in-between. Rather than rolling the dice and allowing yourself to be burned, there are steps you can take to minimize that risk.

Your EIFS can be a valuable tool in the fight against fire. Most of them are rated for fire suppression, so look for options that help fight against spontaneous combustion and other ignition sources. If a fire does occur, your EIFS can also help make sure it doesn't spread and can help keep the damage localized and contained.

Moisture Protection

Over time, perhaps the most insidious risk to your historical structure comes from moisture. Heavy rains, high humidity, and other atmospheric conditions may eventually wear down the structural integrity of your building and leave you struggling with leaks, mold, and other issues. While it may be difficult to fully secure a classic building, an EIFS will go a long way toward helping with that fight. The waterproofing that comes with your coating can help keep your building dry and secure well into the future.