3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Young Trees This Summer

If you want your young trees to grow and thrive this summer, here are a few tips that will help you take care of your trees.

#1 Water Your Trees Once A Week

With young trees, you want to make sure that they get enough water. You are going to want to water your trees at least once a week when it is really hot and dry outside and there is no natural rain. When you water, it is better to water with a low amount of pressure and water for a longer period of time. You want to water until the soil around the tree is wet a couple of inches deep, which can take some time.

Deep watering your trees will help your trees develop strong root systems that will help them survive on their own no matter what the water conditions are.

#2 Mulch Around Your Trees

Second, you want to mulch around your trees. When you put the mulch around your trees, be sure to not put the mulch right up against the base of the tree. Leave a few inches of breathing room. Make sure that the mulch is at least a couple of inches thick. The mulch needs to be thick in order to offer protection to your trees. Mulch serves a variety of different purposes; it helps keep weeds away from the base of your tree, helps maintain moisture around your tree and helps keep the soil at a more stable temperature throughout the year.

#3 Pruning

In the summer, you should not be doing a lot of pruning to your young trees. Pruning is best done when your trees are dormant; however, trees that flower in the spring should actually be pruned in the early summer. When you prune trees, get rid of low, unnecessary branches and any branches that are damaged. However, you should try to limit your pruning and allow your tree to grow as naturally as possible. If you need advice and assistance with pruning your trees, a tree service can provide you with the guidance you need to responsible clip your trees in a way that will promote their growth.

In the summertime, you should try to limit your pruning to cutting back branches that have become damaged. If a branch is damaged, cut it as close to the base of the tree as possible. You don't want to leave damaged branches on your trees. Contact a service, like Smitty's Tree Service Inc, for more help.