Turn Your Unused Garage Into A Profitable Yoga Studio

Now that you've decided to teach yoga classes in your home, you'll need a safe and convenient place to practice that doesn't infringe too much on your own personal space. So why not turn your unused garage into a profitable yoga studio? Here are a few easy things you can do to make it happen:

Fix up the Garage Door

Fixing the garage door up is one of the most important things you can do to transform your garage into a safe and convenient yoga studio where students will enjoy spending time. Start by having your service provider inspect the garage door for damage so it can be fixed before becoming dangerous and a possible liability. If your garage door is older than 5 years old, you should also have the springs replaced.

After a few years, the springs wear out and if they give way, your garage door will likely fall out of its track and crash into the garage. If this happens during a yoga class, you and your students could be seriously injured or killed. You'll likely want to keep the garage door open when it's warm outside for air flow, so the springs will be relied on quite often for safety. It's also a good idea to have new weather stripping installed on the door to keep things warm inside when you want to button things up on a cold day.

Once your service provider updates your garage door structurally and ensures its safety, give it a fresh coat of paint to make it look new again and improve curb appeal. You want the space to look inviting, even from the outside. Consider having a banner made that features the name of your yoga studio on it so you can hang it on the front of the garage door and advertise your classes.

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Update the Floors for Comfort

Old cement floors aren't very comfortable to sit or lay on while trying to relax and practice yoga poses, even with a yoga mat in place. And if your garage floor is like most, it isn't very attractive to look at overall. To make the floors look nice and feel more comfortable, consider covering the floor with thin gymnastics mats that provide a little cushion without sacrificing stability.

Gymnastics mats come in a variety of colors so you should be able to find a hue that complements the rest of the spaces décor, and they're offered in multiple sizes, which means you can cover the entire floor without having to cut them to make them fit seamlessly.  

Create Storage for Accessories

Whether you have extra accessories such as mats, blocks, bolsters, and straps that your students can use, or your students want to store their own accessories in your studio for convenience, it's a good idea to make sure they're easy accessible by setting up storage shelves against one wall in the garage. You can easily do this by lining the wall with plastic or metal utility shelves and attaching them to the walls with screws to optimize their sturdiness.

Give each student their own personal shelf space to utilize, or manage it as a common space by allowing people to store their stuff anywhere on the shelves. Consider having anyone who stores their personal yoga gear on the shelves sign a waiver so you aren't liable for it. Place small tubs on the shelves for personal use so students can effectively keep their stuff separate from everyone else's.

These tips should be utilized in combination with each other to create an attractive, safe, and effective practice space for you and your yoga students.