An Easy Guide To Choosing A Professional Floor Cleaning Service For Your Home When Your Asthma Is Triggered By Chemical Scents

If you suffer from asthma and you know that one of your triggers is the strong smell associated with many chemicals, it's a good idea to be very careful when choosing a floor cleaning service. It is important to note that some, but not all, cleaning companies offer products that are completely free of scents or scent-free. In addition, it might be possible to purchase your own cleaning products and have your floors cleaned with the products you know are safe to have around. Therefore, before you commit to a floor cleaning company, it is a good idea to be aware of the information shared below.

Determine What Type Of Products The Company Uses

Given that estimates are that about seven out of ten persons with asthma have allergies and the number of people with asthma has increased dramatically in recent years, it only makes sense that some cleaning companies are using unscented, asthma-friendly products. Unfortunately, that option is not available everywhere.

Since it's not required for every client, there could be an extra charge for the safer cleaning products. That additional fee can occur because the company might not be able to get the same bulk discounts they might receive for the more common floor cleaning agents. 

Ask If The Workers Can Use Your Products If They Cannot Provide You With What You Need

If the cleaning company either cannot provide you with the unscented or low-scented products that your allergic asthma requires or the cost of doing so is exorbitant, another option to consider is offering your own products. Although some companies or their insurance companies might not permit any substitutions and the use of your own products is unlikely to result in any discounts, this choice is popular with sensitive clients because it provides the same peace of mind that you would have if you were doing the floors personally.

Whether you choose to create your own safer cleaning products with simple, household items or you prefer to buy hypo-allergenic, unscented products, providing cleaning products for use by the floor cleaning professionals is an easy way to minimize your exposure to known allergens. If you have only needed to use asthma-friendly cleaners recently or if you have needed to change the products you use lately due to new reactions, you might want to remember that some cleaning agents have received a certification that establishes them as asthma and allergy safe products.  

In conclusion, it can be quite challenging to choose a floor cleaning company, especially if you suffer from asthma that can be triggered by chemical scents. As a result, before choosing a company to clean your floors, it is best to consider the above advice.