Do You Think Your Leaky Gutters Are Damaging Your Foundation? What To Know

If you have noticed that there is water dripping from the gutters around the home, and you aren't sure if it's caused water damage, there are some signs you want to look for. You want to look around the home to make sure there aren't any major problems or concerns that could put your home at risk, and that could cause you harm. Here are some signs that your gutters are causing water issues that need addressed.

Mineral Lines on the Interior Basement Walls

If you can see white lines around the walls in the basement, this is from minerals in the sand and soil around your home. When water is absorbed into the ground and then into the concrete, it can leave a trail of minerals behind. This often looks like white clouds around the interior basement concrete walls. This concrete should be cleaned and then sealed with a waterproofing paint or paste.

Mold around the Exterior Foundation  

If you can see there is green or white mold and mildew around the exterior foundation that is exposed, this could be because water is dropping from the gutters around the home. This can cause a lot of damage to the foundation, attract pests, and can spread around the structure of your home. You'll want to have this treated by professionals and you want to have the foundation cleaned sealed on the exterior.

Pooling and Wet Mulch or Soil

Water pools around the foundation of the home, wet mulch long after it's rained or wet soil around the foundation where the gutters are above are signs the gutters aren't working properly. The pooling water needs somewhere to go and could end up in your home, causing you to have flooding or water damage throughout the property. You may want to remove this mulch or soil so it doesn't attract any pests.

If you can see that there are small drops of water falling from the gutters, call the gutter experts to look for cracks or damages, or to see if the gutters are pulling away from the roof on the home. You want to have the gutters repaired or replace so you don't have to worry about water causing damage to your property, and you want to have the water directed as far away from your home as you can get it. This way you don't have to worry every time it rains. Talk with your local gutter contractors about gutter replacement as soon as possible.