When It's Time to Get Your Automatic Doors Fixed

There are a number of reasons that can cause your automatic doors to slip or begin to close, even when they are fully open. If your automatic door doesn't go up smoothly and stay open, it's time to do some problem solving. While a missing bracket can cause problems when your door is trying to open or close, so can a tiny bit of debris that is stuck in the bracket. If your garage door springs are getting loose, this can cause your door to have problems staying open. If a spring snaps, your door won't stay open at all. When your automatic door is showing signs of wear and tear, it's time to have your door checked over by a professional to ensure your safety.

When Your Door Starts to Close on Its Own

If your garage door is fully open, it should stay open until you close it. If your garage door slips down a few feet, this means that there is a problem with the tension springs. If a spring breaks completely, your garage door will slam closed. This is a hazard that you need to address right away so that no one gets hurt from a falling garage door.

When a Bracket Becomes Loose

Loose brackets happen all the time and you should be able to fix this problem on your own. Usually the motion of the door going up and down will cause bracket screws to become loose over time. Once a screw slips out, the bracket won't be sturdy. This is an easy fix, as you simply reattach the bracket to the garage wall. 

If Your Door Struggles While Opening and Closing

When your door has trouble opening and closing, this generally means that there is a problem with the track on which the door travels. The problem can be as simple as a rock in the wheel of your automatic door, or complicated enough to warrant the need for a new motor to draw the door up and down. If your door shuts most of the way but then opens again, make sure the two sensors that face one another are both clean and not knocked out of alignment.

When your garage door keeps slipping as you open and close it, it's time to call a professional to come and inspect your door. Whether the problem is big or small, a trained technician from companies like Crawford Door Sales Of Nevada Ltd will get your door working properly once again.