Hire An Asphalt Contractor Who Can Perform These Services For Your Workplace Parking Lot

If you own a business and own the land on which your office is located, you need to have a plan for caring for the area outside your business. While a landscaping service can keep the area looking its best, you also need to give some thought to your asphalt parking lot. While it's a simple enough process to hire an asphalt contractor to tear up the existing lot and repave it when the need arises, you should also look for a company that can maintain your lot in a variety of ways. Before you hire your asphalt company, ask if it can perform these services.

Hole And Crack Maintenance

Holes and cracks that develop in your parking lot over time don't necessarily mean that the lot needs to be repaved, but something does need to happen for the safety of your customers and employees. Ask if your asphalt contractor can professionally fill holes and seal cracks for you. This is better than you trying to do the work yourself, or even hiring a cut-rate handyman service that may address the problem with a solution that lacks any longevity. A professional asphalt contractor will fill holes with loose asphalt and seal cracks with a glue-like substance to restore the smooth finish of your workplace parking lot.

Speed Bump Creation

Over time, you may be concerned about the speed at which motorists drive through your parking lot. This can especially be true if you're located near a busy intersection, and some motorists cut through your parking lot to avoid traffic lights. Select an asphalt company that can return to your lot at any point and build speed bumps of the appropriate length and height for you. Speed bumps placed strategically around the lot can help to slow motorists and even deter others from using your lot for a shortcut.

Line Painting

Many asphalt companies can also offer their customers line painting, which is a valuable service to ask about when you own a business. Over time, the painted lines in your parking lot can get worn out, which means that they'll need to be replaced promptly. Doing so is important to avoid confusion about where people should park. You should also confirm that the asphalt contractor can paint wording in certain parking spaces — for example, you might have a series of spots reserved for customers and another group of spots reserved for employees.