Staying Safe When Installing A Garage Door Opener

If you recently had a new garage door installed, you may have considered adding an electric opener to aid in getting in and out of your enclosed space with ease. While it is best to have a professional service install an opening device, it can be done on your own with aid from instructions included with your purchased opener. Staying safe while installing this handy piece of machinery is of the utmost concern so injuries are not sustained. Here are some tips you can use when installing your opener to ensure you are protected from potential harm in the process.

Turn Off The Electricity To The Area

It is extremely important to disable the electricity when doing a garage door installation. This will ensure that when you plug it in to do a test-run of its capabilities, you are not caught off-guard with the door opening before you are ready to observe the conclusion of your installation handiwork. A simple switch of the circuit breaker to an "off" setting will ensure you are kept from potential harm from moving mechanisms in addition to possible electrocution.

Alert Others Of Your Intentions Before You Begin

Letting someone else know you will be working on the project of installing your garage door opener is best. This way someone will check on your progress and be able to aid you with the handing of tools if necessary. Should an accident occur while you working on the installation procedure, you will be able to get medical assistance immediately. Your helper will also be able to help you with spotting a ladder as you work at positioning and hooking up your new unit.

Wear Protective Gear To Help Avoid Injuries

When you work on installing a garage door opener, you will find yourself in awkward stances as you try to keep yourself on your ladder and use tools in an upward motion. Protecting your skin and eyes from potential scrapes as well as falling debris will be necessary. Wear a pair of thick gloves as well as a pair of goggles to keep safe. Using a harness to help keep yourself from falling off your ladder is a safe step to take if you do not have someone available to watch you as you work. The ladder can also be secured by positioning a few cinder blocks around the legs so the unit does not slide.