3 Design Details You Need To Make Sure You Don't Overlook When Designing Your Equestrian Barn

If you are in the process of making the plans for a new equestrian barn, here are three design details that you don't want to overlook.

#1 Doors

Many traditional barns have big, heavy doors that you have to manually swing open. These types of doors tend to be burdensome if you are not that strong. Some more modern barns have doors that are more like traditional garage doors and use a motor to slide the door open. These types of doors can be really loud and can startle your horses. 

The best type of door for your barn is a sliding door. You can have one large sliding door that just slides to one side, or you can have a split sliding door that opens on both sides to the left and the right. This type of door is easy to open as it is electronic, and it isn't very loud so it should not startle your horses. 

#2 Natural Light

Just like with a home, it is always nice to get some natural light in your barn. Within your stalls, you can get a little natural light through the use of Dutch windows or doors that you can just open up to let the light into your stalls. Near the entry way of your barn, you put in fixed windows that will allow light to pour down the middle of the barn and light up the entryways.

You can also add in some skylights.  Polycarbonate panels work great under the eaves of your barn and allow in light from the top. The more natural light that you add to your barn, the more welcoming and open it will feel. 

#3 Storage Space

You are going to want to add storage space to your barn as well. Consider a few different types of storage space for your barn. Make sure that you have space to store your horse's hay, feed, and water. Having the food close by will make it easier to take care of your horses.

You are also going to want to make sure that you build a tack room into your barn, so you can store all of your riding gear right next to your horses. This will be a great place for you to store your brushes, bridles, blankets, and saddles for your horse. To preserve the items in your tack room though, you are going to want to put a door on the room to keep dust away from your riding gear. You want to try to keep this room as clean as possible. 

As you work on designing your new barn, don't forget about installing easy-to-use, quiet doors, adding lots of natural light, and making some space for storage. To get started, contact a company like Post Frame Construction.