Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood In Your Home

Reclaimed wood has a beautiful charm that new lumber just doesn't have. It tells a story and has a history that you can clearly see in the wood. This type of wood looks great in any home, used as decorative accents, wall hangings, or even used for furniture. There are a number of different ways to use reclaimed wood. See below for a few unique ideas to use this wood in your home.

Reclaimed Wood Wall

There are two ways you can hang up reclaimed wood. You can hang them up with varying sizes to give your wall texture and depth. It also provides built in shelving, as some pieces of wood may be thicker than others, so you'll have instant shelving all over your wall. You can also hang up reclaimed wood with the same thickness, so your wall is even, but still have the same wood wall look. Attach the wood to the walls using either a strong wood adhesive, or use a brad nailer. This way you don't take away from the look of the wood by using nails or screws that are more visible.

Wood Shelving

Give your home a rustic and industrial look by creating shelving with reclaimed wood and black pipe. You can make a floor shelf or a attach the black pipe to the walls to keep your shelving up high and off of the floor.

Wood Ladder

Build a wooden ladder if you have longer pieces of reclaimed wood. Use the ladder in your living room or bedroom to use to hold blankets. Cut the two side pieces the same length, then cut three pieces for the ladder rungs the same size. Attach the three rungs to the ladder sides using screws. Next, lean it on a wall and hang your blankets with different textures in neutral colors for a more decorative look.

No matter which way you use the reclaimed wood in your home, prior to building anything or bringing it inside you need to be sure it's been cleaned and sanitized. The last thing you want is for that beautiful wood to have bugs coming out of it. To clean the wood you just need to gently scrub it clean using a soft bristle brush and a gentle cleanser such as dish soap and hot water. Allow the piece of wood to dry, then sand it down using a fine grit sand paper (this helps prevent splinters). Next, you can sanitize the wood using a handheld steamer (optional).

Using reclaimed wood is a great option to help add rustic elements throughout your home. You can do so in smaller decorative additions, or in bigger items such as furniture, flooring or wood walls. Always be sure to clean your wood thoroughly before using it for any project. To learn more, contact a company like Old Barn Wood Company LLC.