Top 5 Granite Countertop Frequently Asked Questions

Homeowners who are considering replacing or upgrading their kitchen or bathroom countertops may want to opt for granite. Before making a definitive decision, take a few minutes to review the top five granite countertop frequently asked questions. 

Why is Granite a Good Choice for Countertops?

When it comes to durability and sturdiness, granite does a much better job than marble. This is because it is made of a granular crystalline stone that is almost as hard as a diamond. Granite also adds more value to a home and doesn't depreciate over time, so the value remains years later. 

Is Cleaning Granite Difficult?

It turns out that granite is one of the easiest types of countertops to clean. Not only is it heat resistant, meaning you can set a pot of boiling water on it without any damage, but it also resists scratches and stains. All you need to clean the surface is a soapy dish rag. If there are any stuck-on foods attached to the countertop, simply make a paste with baking soda and water and work over the stuck-on food until it comes loose. Then wipe the residue away with your wet washcloth.   

How Expensive Are Granite Countertops?

When it comes to cost, homeowners will find granite falls somewhere in the middle. Marble is more expensive than granite, while laminate and corian surfaces are less expensive. Then there's quartz, which is about the same price when you combine cost of the material with the cost of labor.  

Is There a Wide Range of Choices When it Comes to Granite Countertops?

Not only do granite countertops come in almost every color imaginable, but they are also available in a couple of different finishes. You might opt for a polished finish, a brushed surface, or a flamed technique. This means that you won't have any trouble picking out a color and pattern that will match the decor in the room you plan on installing the granite countertops. 

Are There any Cons to Using Granite?

Granite countertops need to be sealed in order to be used. If they aren't, the material can absorb oils that will potentially leave behind a stain. Additionally, it can be hard to achieve a uniform look, as each piece of granite is unique. Then there's also the fact that granite is heavier than other counter materials. It may need extra support and when it is fixed to a set of cabinets, it is a bit harder to remove if you decide to remodel in the future.