Benefits Of Fire Sprinklers In The Home

You may be wondering, as a homeowner, what the benefits are of installing fire sprinklers on top of a fire alarm system. Here are some of the biggest reasons to use fire sprinklers in your home's fire safety plan. 

They Reduce The Risk of Death in a Fire

One of the greatest reasons to use both fire sprinklers and fire alarms is that these two systems combined can reduce the risk of death in a fire by up to 82 percent. This simple system is a great safeguard to reducing the impact of fire before the firefighters can arrive. 

They Can Cut Down Property Damage

Fire sprinklers can also help to reduce property damage. They are quick acting, so they can cut back flames and help to reduce the risk of smoke as soon as the fire starts. Of course, you may wonder about their effect on electrical equipment; there are some fire sprinklers that you can install to reduce the risk of damage to certain electrical equipment. For instance some sprinklers release a mist instead of a full deluge, so that computers won't be as badly affected. 

They Can Reduce Insurance Premiums

Installing fire sprinklers in your home might give you a break in your home insurance premiums. This may seem obvious, given the above information that fire sprinklers can help to protect both the people and the belongings in your home in the event of a fire. 

They are Low Maintenance

Finally, fire sprinklers are a great option for fire suppression because they don't require a lot of maintenance once they are put in place. Unlike chemical fire suppression agents, which may need to be replaced on a regular schedule, the water in your fire sprinklers should be ready to go for a long time to come. 

These benefits make it easy to see why fire sprinklers are great for home use. But some homeowners have concerns about fire sprinkler installation as well. For instance, you may be worried that the fire sprinklers are unattractive or will go off without warning. However, fire sprinklers rarely go off without just cause, and they can also be hidden away or disguised to blend in with your ceiling. If you have any concerns that you think may outweigh the benefits of installing fire sprinklers, then speak with a fire suppression expert, like one at Nor Cal Fire Protection, to see if these issues can be mitigated in favor of these life-saving devices.