Feng Shui Face Lift: Tips For Feng Shui-Ing Your Backyard

Outdoor living is an important part of your home's appeal, function, and value, so improving the look and feel of your backyard is beneficial. Considering the space plays a large role in your family's enjoyment, ensuring the space is attractive and relaxing is key. While surprising to hear, your backyard design can be comfortable, peaceful, and healthy using a few basic principles of Feng Shui.

First used thousands of years ago in China, Feng Shui has become a popular method of design for home and business owners who want to improve the look and feel of their space. Using these Feng Shui landscaping tips, you can easily improve your backyard.

Shrubs, Flowers, and Trees

Your backyard should appear healthy, so remove all overgrowth and dead plants for an instant improvement. Once you clean out your backyard, you can begin Incorporating vibrant shrubs, flowers, and trees into the design. Here are a few Feng Shui tips to consider when choosing and installing plants:

  • Color – Choose flowers with red blooms for prosperity and abundance in your life. Add plants with lush greenery for financial gain. If you have dark, depressing corners of your backyard landscape, install flowers with white or light-colored blooms. The lighter blooms will decrease melancholy and promote happiness.
  • Types – Consider bamboo plants to increase wisdom and pine trees for dignity and integrity. Also, add the national flower of China, the peony, to your backyard landscape. Peonies represent luck, honor, and wealth, but they are also attractive flowers that add appeal to any landscape.
  • Placement – Installing large shrubs and trees near or in front of your home's windows and doors not only blocks views and paths, but they can also block your thoughts. Place these larger plants on the sides or rear areas of your backyard. Balance is also an essential aspect of Feng Shui, so use a combination of taller and shorter plants in your backyard. This variety will not only balance out your  backyard's design, but also balance out your emotional well-being.

Water Feature

Although you may believe it is solely for appeal, a backyard water feature also promotes relaxation and wealth.

The sheer sound of running water is peaceful and calming, so installing a fountain, waterfall, or decorative pond in your backyard is an effective option for relieving stress and anxiety. In addition, running water symbolizes income, which decreases your risk of financial worry.

To successfully incorporate a water feature into your backyard, installation must take place in your "wealth corners". Be sure the water "flows" towards your house, as opposed to "flowing" out of your home.

Accent pieces can also increase the success of your water feature. A dragon drinking from the water symbolizes power. Add a dragon statue or figurine to your backyard water feature. Without this accent, the water feature is only offering 20 percent of its Feng Shui strength.


The addition of hardscapes increases your home's appeal and value, but they are also important in Feng Shui. Decorative rocks, retaining walls, and stone patios increase strength, promoting security in your life. These hardscapes will also block or reflect negative thoughts and emotions to increase peace, relaxation, and happiness.

Add wood accents to your backyard, as well. A wood arbor, bench, or swing enhances creativity and intuition. However, excessive amounts of wood may overwhelm your backyard space and your mind. Use wood as attractive backyard accents to improve the space's energy.

Landscaping your backyard is a great investment for your home's value, style, and family's enjoyment. Using this guide on Feng Shui, your backyard redo will be a smart financial, emotional, and physical investment.  For help placing your new landscaping features, contact a local landscaping company like Kona Land and Water Escapes.